Unity 3D Engineer

  • Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • Permanent
  • Game Development
  • 6 - 9 years
Job Title:

Unity 3D Engineer

Job Description:

Must-Have (Unity):
Strong understanding of Unity3D (Version >= 2019).
Strong understanding of Unity’s Nested Prefabs.
Strong understanding of Unity’s Classic InputManager & New InputSystem.
Strong understanding of Joystick/Controller/Keyboard input mapping using Unity’s Classic InputManager & New InputSystem.
Strong understanding of UI navigation using Joystick/Controller/Keyboard input.
Strong understanding of UnityWebRequest and Rest APIs uses in Unity.
Strong understanding of Save/Load data in JSON notation.
Strong understanding of debugging Console/Standalone/Mobile applications.
Good understanding of libraries and plugins like JsonUtility, NewtonSoft, DoTween and TextMeshPro.
Good understanding of responsive UI implementation in Unity.
Good understanding of streaming assets in Unity.
Basic understanding of Unity Editor scripting.
Basic understanding of Unity’s custom builds pipeline for Console/Standalone/Mobile applications.
Basic understanding of CI/CD using Jenkins for Unity projects.

Must-Have (Others):
Good understanding of JSON and XML notations.
Good understanding of DLL (Dynamic Link Library) creation using Visual Studio.
Good understanding of project management software like JIRA and YouTrack.
Good understanding of using GitHub/GitLab platforms.
Basic understanding of versioning systems like git.
Basic understanding of Linux and Bash Commands.

Good To Have:
Basic understanding of Consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo) and Controllers (Wired, Wireless).
Basic understanding of using Chromium based Browsers/WebViews in Standalone Unity applications.
Basic understanding of Shaders especially Blur Shader.
Basic understanding of UPnP, SSDP, and JsonRpc based communication protocols.
Basic understanding of SCRAM based authentication mechanism.
Basic understanding of libraries like StreamJsonRpc, StreamRpc, RSSDP, ZFBrowser/Embedded Browser.
Basic understanding of TCP/IP Protocols and Network Streams in C#.
Basic understanding of Reflection in C#.

Experience Range:

6 - 9 years

Educational Qualifications:


Skills Required:

Digital Consoles, Controllers, Chromium browsers, UnityWebRequest, StreamJsonRpc, Classic InputManager, Unity3D, SCRAM, Blur Shader, CI CD,

Job Code: KL-RHTRQ3H3
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