About Us
When Petpooja’s first avatar came into being in 2011, it was a simple B2B food delivery model that took bulk food orders from the corporates & passed them forward to the restaurants. But soon, our founders realised that the restaurants they worked with were not living up to their potential and were shutting down forever. Primarily it was due to a lack of coherent technology that could support their daily operations. Their billing machines were as bulky, tedious and old as time. Due to this, the restaurants never had an actual estimate of their profit margins & expenses. Back then, restaurants were suffering more than growing.

This was when our founders decided to build a robust, user-friendly & cost-effective billing software for SMB restaurants that will automate everyday operations and push businesses towards sustainability.

And now, a decade into the industry, we have realized our dream of becoming the ideal restaurant billing solution provider to all & every kind of food service business in India.
Why Us?
Join the Petpooja Family!

Petpooja is always on the look-out for passionate and talented individuals. If you think you have the zest to work, learn, and have fun, then this is your nirvana!

Attitude before Aptitude:
When we say "Attitude before Aptitude", we mean that you need to have the correct attitude to qualify for a test of aptitude. While we do look for the highest aptitude and professional prowess, but, it's not going to be at the cost of the right attitude.

Organic Growth:
At Petpooja, we believe that the best leaders are groomed, not found from the outside. So, we try our best to foster leadership within the organization and give each and every individual an equal chance to climb the career ladder. Petpooja is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on caste, religious beliefs, gender, race or sexual orientation. So, if you think that your personality & skills fit perfectly into our company culture, then apply for your desired position right away!

And if you want to know more about our team or culture, drop by our office for a cup of coffee, a game of Table Tennis or Chess (choice is yours)! As signified by our name - Petpooja, we’re regarded as great hosts.
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