About Us
The digital economy runs on trust. After all, you do need to know who you’re dealing with. IDfy helps with that.

IDfy builds technology solutions to help companies accurately identify people, run background checks, conduct KYC, mitigate lending risks, and onboard associates. Our mission is to deliver these solutions with zero friction for end users.

Specifically, IDfy’s video platform and a suite of APIs help companies
1. Identify people (does Jane Doe exist?)
2. Verify their credentials (do the details belong to Jane Doe?)
3. Assess the risk of fraud (Has Jane Doe committed fraud or is she likely to commit one?)

If you have opened a bank account with HDFC, created a fantasy team on Dream11, or ordered from Amazon or Zomato, your life would have been touched by IDfy.

IDfy regularly ranks amongst Asia’s top 5 RegTechs. While also sweeping in awards like Deloitte Technology Fast 50, 2022 India Winner, Fintech ScaleUp of the Year, Best RegTech Implementation and Innovator in Video solutions for Financial Services.
Why Us?
We build products that detect and prevent fraud. At IDfy, you will apply your skills to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. You will be mind-mapping fraudsters’ modus operandi, predicting evolution of fraud techniques, and designing solutions to prevent new & emerging fraud.

At IDfy, you will work on the entire end-to-end solution rather than a small cog of a giant wheel.

Thanks to our problem-centric approach, one in which we find the right technology to solve a problem rather than the other way around, you will always be working on the latest technologies.

We work hard and party hard. There are weekly sessions on emerging technologies. Work weeks are usually capped off with board games, table tennis, karaoke and other fun activities.
  • Software Engineer/Sr. Software Engineer - Labs
    • Permanent
    • 3-5 years
    Fullstack Developer
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  • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Permanent
    • 2-5 years
    Fullstack Developer
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